Mis fotógrafos

Mis fotógrafos

There are so many good photographs, that it would be impossible for me to decide for a few, or for which one is the best photographer.

There are many and very good ones; each one in his discipline.

Here I leave you three of my references; documentary photography in its pure state.

Gervasio Sánchez

Gervasio Sánchez is a journalist and war photographer. It is probably the most authoritative voice in international photojournalism. Awarded for the enormous human quality of his work, he is a true reference in the world of documentary photography. With an extraordinary capacity for work, Gervasio has covered the greatest wars on the planet in the last quarter of a century.

Cristina García Rodero

Cristina Garcia Rodero, is one of the most influential Spanish photographers. Dedicated to photography for more than 30 years, I have carried out projects in which I feel very identified; his work on popular and traditional Spanish festivals is extraordinary.
He was awarded national photography and his works have a very personal look.
She is the only Spanish photographer member of the prestigious agency Magnum photos.

Sebastião Salgado

He is Brazilian and probably the best known socio-documentary photographer in the world. His works have been shown around the world, although they have not stopped being marked by criticism, that the use of the cynical and commercial form of human misery. His years-long projects beautifully capture the human side, destruction or deterioration.

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