The prayer flag fell off the rope that went to the top of the tower.

     "I bet I take it," Rajiv said.

     "And I, I tell you no," said little Hari between his brother's legs.

    The banner began to drop, and before she could catch it, a gust of wind lifted her back over the rooftops. Pankaj smiled at the scene and, even more, upon seeing Rajiv's annoyed face.

     "Maybe it always flies!" Exclaimed the boy.

     -He can't always fly, don't say nonsense- Rajiv answered looking the other way.

The little one looked for an answer in his brother's gaze.

     "What if he can?" Pankaj smiled at him while stroking his head.

The wind lifted the piece of cloth again to the top of the tower.

     -You see? I told you you wouldn't take it, ”she said again to Rajiv, frowning.

     "It's only a rag," replied the other reluctantly.

The flag was out of sight between the roofs.

     -How far do you think it will go? asked Brahma, who had not opened his mouth.

      "Hopefully more than us," he whispered, following her with his gaze.

For a moment, they were silent.

      -What are you doing now tadpole? - Rajiv exclaimed annoyed, when seeing the small one kneel down and join the hands pleading:

      Let it reach the sea, let it reach the sea.

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